"My mission is to teach and coach individuals and couples on how to breakthrough emotional challenges and achieve their goals so they can enjoy their lives!"

My Story

Sean has spent over a decade working towards fulfilling his mission statement. Sean is experienced in helping adults with difficulties such as depression, anxiety, relationship conflict, trauma and additions. In addition, while serving as an officer in the Air Force he treated service members and their families and led a military team to help families dealing with traumatic loss.

Sean uses an easygoing non-judgmental style in which the client's goals are paramount. He also believes that his role is one of a coach and teacher in order to get the best results for his clients. Sean's expertise and training is in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and other approaches to psychotherapy has led to the development of his own approach: Rational Motivational & Acceptance Therapy (RMAT) which focuses helps clients focus in on what they really want and developing unstoppable commitment to breakthrough their problems and achieve their goals! Sean believes in helping his clients getting the fastest results possible (sometimes only several sessions or as short as one session) in order for clients to resolve problems and feel the way they would like to feel. Most importantly, Sean understands how to teach and coach clients to have lasting results so they will not just feel better, but they will get better!

Sean has turned around client's who were able to turn severe depression or incapacitating anxiety to action, freedom, and a new found love for life. Moreover, Sean has coached couples on how to turn around years of relationship conflict between couples in one session!

Sean graduated with his Bachelors of Science in Psychology at Ball State University and graduated with his Masters in Social Work at Texas A&M University. He is currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). He has worked in a variety of settings including (private practice, inpatient hospital, Aire Force and Navy mental health) and with a variety of populations including adults, children (12 and older) and couples.

If you are having difficulties with emotional challenges such as depression or anxiety, are struggling with relationship conflicts, or just have a strong desire to achieve your life's dreams then Sean can help. Most importantly, Sean will not only teach and coach you on how to feel better, he will show you have to get better, long term!